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I've been hijacked

Hope someone can help with this one. Yesterday I suffered a virus attack which has now been fixed. However now, whenever I click on any of the program links I get a message that tells me that "Windows cannot find C:\etc etc." If I right click on the icon and go to "Run as" the program will start as long as I uncheck the box that says "protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity". Any suggestions?????

My friend's laptop had the same problem. I found the solution here:

Scroll down to the bottom, the third to the last entry, made by Joesph Moore.

The important excerpt:
Now, with the error you get on trying to open programs, it could be that the Open command for .EXE files has been mangled by all of this virus activity. Some viruses will add themselves to the Registry, in the open EXE section, so that whenever you open ANY .EXE file, it opens the file AND the virus! Then what happens is when the virus is deleted, the REgistry entry is still in tact, and opening an EXE file causes an error, since there is no virus to open!
Try opening Regedit and go to:
The Default entry should have a value of: "%1" %*
If there is anything else there (like: "%1" %* c:\temp\virus.exe) then you need to change it to what I posted:
"%1" %*