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Virus - Microsoft windows has expired, apparently

I'm on a friend's laptop whos managed to get a virus from an email attachment - document.txt.scr
The virus scanner i've got can't find it, and google returns no results.

It respawns windows when they are closed.

Multiple windows appear with the following text:

Microsoft Windows
The license for this copy of the Microsoft Windows has expired. The software cannot be used until you obtain a new license. The fastest and most convenient way to obtain a license for your copy of Microsoft Windows is to fill the form below. To avoid data loss update your license as soon as possible.The licensing is free and your credit card will not be charged.

Credit card number:
Expiration date (mm/yy):

IMPORTANT: Please provide us with your correct PIN number.

any ideas?

update the virus scanner yet?

Give em your credit card number, DUH!

LOL Just kidding

Computer has good advice.

mcafee has a free online virus scan service. its a royal pain in the *** to sign up for, but after about 20 minutes you can scan your C Drive for free; it works really well once you're setup. might be worth a shot.

I usually head to . Funny I just got a spam last night trying to steal my credit card that said something to the effect of credit card fraud and identity theft is on the rise, fill in your credit card information here to protect yourself.

mcafee has a free online virus scan service
Really the only point to the McAfee online scanner is to see if you have
a virus but not fix it, they will just try to sell you one of theirs.

Buy an anti-virus no matter what.

A good online scanner that can remove is Symantecs. If your friend has broadband, d/l a copy of norton antivirus on kazaa *yeah i know....*. That should help clear up the problem if it is a virus.

Am I the only person on DevShed who does NOT even have a virus scanner installed?! Never had one (will install one every now and then just to check, but I remove afterwords). Never had a virus on my personal machine, either. Never.


You can get a free one here: AVG Antivirus (

Yeah, that's the one I use when, in fact I do install one for a few minutes just to check. Otherwise, I don't ever use 'em.


Cheers for all your help. All i needed to do was get the latest version, but for some reason it would let me download it from the infected computer. I had to download the update to another computer and copy it over our network, and that did the trick.

Based on the fact that the infected machine is ON a network, make sure you scan all your OTHER networked computers NOW to be certain they are ok. ;)

Anytime a networked machine is found to be infected, I always remove it from the network asap. Why risk the virii propegating elsewhere?!


I believe this is the Mimail virus:

Virus Profile - W32/Mimail.q@MM: