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What is the Best Looking Website that you've seen?

Post what you think is the cleanest looking and over all best looking website(s) you have seen on the internet. Commercial or personal websites, doesn't matter.

List your favorites:
Good look
Very easy navigation

I guess I should post a couple of sites I like. ( (

Here's one site: (

and another:

amazing flash animation

Wow, ( is great! A lot of work went into this site, very nice.

How about any sites that do not use Flash?

My fave today is <removed>
I love the content (which is barking mad) and the cleanish design :tntworth:

And you resurrect a thread that is over 5 years old to post that. Why !?

Anyway, call me suspicious but that wouldn't happen to be your site would it !? :rolleyes:

Today I was specifically looking for good looking sites on google and this thread came up tops (I admit I did not look at how old it was and clicking through the replies yields a lot of 404's). But as to what i have seen by recommendation the best today is indeed <removed> -and no there is no connection-I am a journalist, not a site designer.

Best looking site? ( !

Hey OBKing, what's that stuff on your nose?

Hey OBKing, what's that stuff on your nose?
:confused: :eh: ?

This thread is What is the Best Looking Website that you've seen? You seem quick on the uptake, but what is your answer to the question and why? This ancient thread started in Jan 2001, but there don't appear to be many answers-time has moved on, so has taste. So what is the best Looking Website that you've seen? :)

There's a couple of threads on the subject.

Sorry must be an american expression. Google brownnosing.

This is an enormous site, where are they?

Have you tried the search feature...
Have you scrolled down the first page...


I see from one of your other posts that Design is the "artsy bit". Do you really believe that is the role of design to prettyfy?
What about interaction and interface, those are design considerations. Along with layout and typography. Design is not code. The other 2 threads you mention (that came up in the search and where your quote came from) are more about a developer tools than answering the simple question that was posed at the beginning of this thread.

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