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The ultimate challenge ...

Me and my big mounth. I am a database consultant who loves a challenge. In the past I have taken on database creation and migration projects over weekends when everyone else said it would take weeks. I guess it must be the buzz of flirting with danger.

Anyway, to the point at hand.

I have been saying that most web developers are a bunch of wimps (yes, I'm a fool as well). I can't see why it should take months to develop a decent website. Surely all the big technical problems have already been solved. Is everybody out there trying to re-invent the wheel?

My point is that with decent planning and the correct mindset, a bunch of developers could create a top class website in a week. Now that is where you come in.

I've been to many discussion forums on the subject and think I have finally found one (this one) where other people think like I do. Developers here seem to understnd that by sharing solutions and code, everyone benefits.

I have been challenged to build a working website by the end of August. I have been given a specification to work from that describes a hypothetical business. I am looking for volunteer developers who would like to join me in proving that this can be done.

In the past, my database challenges have resulted in media exposure and the generation of commercial work. When we complete this challenge, the team will be retained for any commercial work that is undertaken.

Do you enjoy a challenge? If so, then let's get it on. I'm ready and waiting.

As interesting as it sounds, i'm afraid that I have too many "pots on the stove" so to speak.

I think it is harder than it seems to get a good production site running, especially by yourself. A friend and I are currently working on one that we thought we could finish in a week, and we still aren't done a month later. Granted alot of it has to do with motivation.

I suppose if everything was written in stone, it would be alot easier.

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