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FreeBSD web server over home DSL

What I would like to do is set up my FreeBSD box at home (over DSL through my ISP) as a web server. I need to serve FQDNs (ie- My IP is **usually** static, but I realize I'll need a 3rd party DNS service because it changes on occassion. Anyone have any docs/info on doing this. Some detailed instructions from working with the 3rd party service to
configuring the box would be most helpful. I'm just a little confused with the process. To me, it seems all it would take it to set up the FreeBSD box, get a 3rd party service, install the software that updates the 3rd party DNS with the correct IP whenever it restarts, and configure apache and add the hostnames to the server? Is this accurate? If so, any detailed info on that process?


Not difficult at all. First of, you go and register domain name with, then you go to and register there to use their name servers (free, allow ~2 days to pass before all dns update), then you install all server software you need (apache, sql, mail etc) and you're all set.

Also it might be a good idea to make sure your provider allows http server - most of them dont (but who cares?)