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Oracle report print with word


I want attach/include a word document in Oracle Reports6i, so that when I run the report, it displays/ prints all the pages of the word document. Currently when I attach a word file using OLE2 file type, it displays only the first page and I need to double click the word document to see them fully. But I want to see all the pages of word document along with other db datas on the preview itself.

I came to know from forums that it is not possible to do this.

We had three options to solve this issue:
(1) Creating a batch file and running the batch at the backend when we print report. (But we had problems with this, one when the printer is in network and the other was a problem with word).
(2) Write code in PL/SQL to open a word document automatically when we print report, and write a macro in the word such that it sould print automatically when word is opened. (This was working fine with forms but not with reports because of the problem with a function "host")
(3) Write a C DLL for word automation to open and print a word document,and calling the DLL from Pl/SQL.

We went with third option and it was working successfully.