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BEST PLATFORM for the end of line AMD XP CPU"S


I’ve read articles at and am more confused than ever to take advantage of the price drops in AMD’s XP processors. Socket A VIA KT400, 600 & KT880?

With comments about the KT600 single Ram Modules, being increased in performance against the Dual Ram of previous chipsets, and dual ram being limited to FSB; as well as running 2 modules of 400mhz ram side by side creating prob’s; then the release of the KT880 back to dual ram ect, I have no idea any longer on what is the best chipset to finalize a system for the XP processors?

Sure I have to consider the extras in a board like serial connectors for hard drives and the like, not to mention this or that factor always seemingly overriding the latest tech, ect ect.

Essentially, I am looking to get the most performance possible out of the xp processors while all the glitches can be worked out of the 64bit series and its following chipset, software, ect.

Seriously; what would you guys recommend for the best platform, for an end of era XP processors and what considerations would you give to RAM, or any other config issues that should be addressed.

I do apologize if I have made no sense. I used to think I knew something about computer hardware, but now looking back over the last 18months; its become very overwhelming when considering what goes with what to get the most out of ones system.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated

Let me just say this up-front: I prefer VIA chipsets.

I'm waiting for the KT880 to come out so I can upgrade from my KT333 chipset. Here's my system:

AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (266FSB) w/Kingwin KCU-7025 hsf
768MB DDR266 RAM (256MB x 3, 2 are matched Crucial, 1 Kingston ValueRAM)
30GB WD ATA/100 hdd
Lite-On LTD-166
Lite-On LTR-48125W
FIC A95P Radeon 9500 Pro
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
Best Data v.92/v44 PCI modem
Belkin 2-port USB 2.0 PCI card
Mitsumi fdd

I think by upgrading to a KT880 chipset I'll maximize the performance of my existing components. VIA also has a reputation for including extras that nVidia hasn't, like native SATA support, more USB ports, etc, for less money.

I would say which specific chipset for you depends on how soon you want to upgrade and how much money you want to spend. If you're going to be buying a new cpu and memory, I'd wait until the KT880 comes out. If you want to get something soon and will be keeping you current cpu and memory, the KT600 sounds pretty good.

So why am I keeping my old stuff AND waiting for the KT880? My birthday is in June and I'll most likely spend whatever money I get on computer stuff...

I tottaly agree, sounds like a great idea.

I,m going to by new gear for my currnet KT400, change the board to a KT600 then by then I will have a better selection on the 64bit platform.


Nothing beats the nforce2 at overclocking and bandwidth (it's good to have dual channel enabled ) :)
And combine that with an axp barton 2500+ (mobile if possible ;) )

Me have an soltek

Here are some reviews

Hey, here's my system at its default.
AMD athalon XP 2500+ FSB 333
512MB DDR 2700 Mushkin enhanced
Radeon 9600 Pro
Abit NF7-S
@ 42 degrees C
now at its best
AMD athalon 2.11 Ghz
512 MB Ram @ 380 Mhz
Radeon 9600 @ 420Mhz core and 675 Mhz DDR Ram
@ 47 degrees C

conclusion The N-Force 2 chipset is good for overclocking overall preformance and advanced technologies.
But if your a USB freak then your outa luck, most n-foce mobo's dont concentrate on having thousands of usb ports on the actuall board . Though some include PCI brackets with firewire/usb your best bet with usb availibility would be with the latest VIA chipset.
OR... get a n-force 2 and buy a usb2 PCI card. best of both worlds.