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XML>HTML output on several pages

Hi, i've managed to write a script that retrieves an xml file and outputs the contents to html, it works fine but the output is too long, this is my script so far:

$bbc = simplexml_load_file('xmlfile.xml');
$bebese = $bbc->xpath('//programme'); //search for all "programme" elements
echo "\t<div id=\"listings\">\n";
echo "\t<p class=\"desc\"><b>$fulltime</b> and forward.\n</p><br />";

foreach($bebese as $result) {
if ($result->end > $myTajm) {
echo $i;
echo "<div class=\"title\">{$result->title}<p class=\"time\">{$result->start} - {$result->end}</p></div>";
echo "<p class=\"desc\">{$result->desc}</p>";
echo "<p class=\"desc\">For more info: <a onclick=\",'newwin'); return false;\" href=\"{$result->infourl}\">{$result->title}</a></p>";
echo "<br />";


But like i said, the output is several pages long, i would like it to "end" after lets say 10 entries, then save the rest for a second and maybe a third page, like action?get=entry?page=2 ..
I was thinking to add something like a $counter, increase it until it's 10, then put out a link to the second page.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


$st = @$_GET['page'];
$st = $st*10;
$en = $st+10;
foreach (...) {
if ($st<=$n&&$n<=$en) {