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PHP 5.04 > Email form delivers mail but without comment

Hi all, I need help with configuring my server with PHP.

I run Apache 1.3 and PHP 5.04 on an Apple G4 PowerMac with Panther 10.39. I've installed PHP from Entropy ( I have also installed PostfixEnabler from Cutedgesystems (

All works fine except sending email. I use a form on my page to send the mail and it actually sends it out and I can retrieve it, but certain fields don't arrive. The comments are missing and the phone field is empty!

The PHP setup on my Mac is this (

I tried with register_globals = On (I think it does not matter if it's written ON, on, or On) in the master php.ini file. I have tried also to override the default OFF setting with a local php.ini file next to my formmail.php file where I set register_globals = On (thinking that this overrides the default OFF settings).

Since changing those settings did not do any good I believe that the solution to my problem might be somewhere else.

I use the same code (php and html) also on the pages at my regular hosting company ( where they run PHP 4.3.11 and all works fine there (however they have set register_globals to ON). My php setup with them can be seen here (

The email form which I use goes like this:


function email_injection_filter($formInput)
$injectionStrings = array("apparently-to",
foreach ($injectionStrings as $spam)
$pos = strpos(strtolower($formInput), $spam);
if ($pos !== false)
error_log("Email injection attempt - From IP: " . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . " | Server Time: " . date('m\/d\/y, h:i:s A'), 1, "[email protected]");
exit("<html><title>Fatal Error</title><body><p>Sorry, your message could not be processed due to a fatal error.</p><p>Please contact us by telephone.</p></body></html>");

$sendto="[email protected]";
$emailsubject="[Website] Order of Prints";
$msg = 'Tel: ' . $visitorPhone . "\r\n" . stripslashes($comments);
$from = "From: ".$_POST['visitorName']." <".$_POST['visitorEmail'].">\r\n";

if ($_POST['submit_x']) {

foreach ($_POST as $formInput)

mail($sendto, $emailsubject, $msg, $from);
header("Location: $thankyou");

When submitting a message on the page that is hosted at (PHP 4.3.11) all arrives, including the submitted phone number and the comment. The page is here (

When submitting a message on the page with identical code as it is hosted on my own Mac (PHP 5.04) the submitted phone number and the submmitted comment do not arrive. I get however the prompted text element "Tel:" in the body, as well as the sender's email address! The page on my Mac is here (

Is there anything I have to still configure on my 5.04 PHP setup?

Thanks in advance,



should be


etc , then register_globals settings are irrelevant

Thanks Firepages - this works super :)

The old code:
$msg = 'Tel: ' . $visitorPhone . "\r\n" . stripslashes($comments); The new code:
$msg = 'Tel: ' . $_POST['visitorPhone'] . "\r\n" . stripslashes($_POST['comments']);