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Access --> MySQL (yes another one but different)

Hey Prob when you looked at the topic you thought Aaaargh another one. But this is a bit different.

I have installed
- apache 2.0.48-win32-x86-no ssl
- php 4.3.4
- phpMyAdmin 2.5.4
- mysql 4.0.16
- Windows XP Sp1

and have a database with 200.000 records
I tried the following stuff,
Convert the database to a csv file and then try'd to import it didn't work the phpMyAdmin went back to the "Select a file" thing try'd several different export functions with the csv I even converted it to excel and then to csv and didn't work

then I tried to use odbc but when I try to export it still ain't finished after 3 hours.

Then I tried to download a program to convert the access database to mysql. But I only came accross demo's like 5 records top or 10, and a 30 minuts demo but that one didn't work.
I can't order over internet because off some conditions and parents. Else I bought a decent package.

i got it, I created a dump file from the access database and then imported it =)
If some1 would reply thanks =P

I use this app for all my MySQL Data importing and exporting.

Dan :)

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