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Google and gone

I submitted a site to Google over four months ago have been cheking Google every week since... today at 11:48 I finally saw my site listed... at 12:12 I went back to Google did the same search for my site and the listing is gone!?!

I checked my history panel in IE and clicked on the google search results and there it was hit the search button (leaving the search field with the exact information I had input earlier) and it was gone!?!

Why? ... any ideas?

- Hotlink Lady

If it's the first time your site got listed, then wait for a couple of weeks and see if your site is still not listed. Google updates their index periodically and the next update should take place at the end of this month. During the periodic update, the index can act a little funny. Especially when your site gets listed for the first time, it gets listed one day and gone the next day; it can happen. I thought something like that happened to my site as well(I don't remember clearly though). Anyway, just wait for a short while and see what happens.

Google has a whole bunch of servers, so one could have picked up your site and the others might not. Eventually they'll all have it though.

some of the google links are and

Personally I think google is going through some serious growning pains right now; things seem to be shifting in and out furiously.

well .. always try other search engines like altavista, lycos, angelfire, metacrawler, msn, and others... im sure yours will be listed in those oes... but most web servers that you pay for automaticly puts in your site in search engines. :)

try this google dance tool:
this searches on all google's servers, see if you can find your site and position.

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