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All of the search engines we can think of...

Lets make a list of all of the search engines we can think of. This will definately be useful for either looking if your website is located on there, or just add it on the search engine :)

Let me start by naming a few... (it will redirect you) (Netscape is now being powered by google) (or .ca)

Sorry cant remember any more lol

Here are a couple more that I can think of, even though some use google etc:

Someone called dmoz has already made a very nice list

they are just 3: G, Y!, MSN
the others are either using data from one or more of these 3
or they are very unimportant

There are also many country-specific search engines:

Country-specific Search Engine List (

Since most of these engines are smaller than the big ones, they are often easier to get in. Plus, they might be more open to supporting a local webmaster, so submit to local engines first. Then you'll get more links, then the big ones will notice your site, etc. -- the process snowballs.



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