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mysql -> odbc --> ms access -> vb

I have programs that uses VB as front-end and MS Access 97 / 2000 database,
I want to migrate my database to MySQL the fastest way.

When I tried a VB - MySQL via ODBC, there are MS Access specific functions that needs to be converted.

MySQL --> ODBC --> VB

I tried to link MySQL tables to MS Access database and run my program and it works perfectly without modifying codes

MySQL --> ODBC --> MS Access --> VB

My questions are:

1. Would you recommend this setup?
2. How will this affect the speed (I would run this only on a LAN environment)?
3. How about the integrity of the data, I am having problem with MS Access data Integrity and data loss?
4. Will MySQL handle the integrity of data or still MS Access will do the job?
5. I also have programs that use DAO, will this work on a DAO environment?

1. Why not? Quick and dirty
2. Not the fastest satup, but not bad, did you experience some speed gain? You need to be shure that the queries are run on MySQL
3. Data is on MySQL, right? Use appropriate table handler on it (InnoDB or BDB are better than MyISAM, MySQL on Linux is much better than MySQL on Win)
4. See above
5. Don't know, put up some test app :(

thanks, will do some testing


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