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Apache2.0 -> PHP4 Config

I have successfully insatlled Apache2.0 and have made the correct changes to the config file (or so I think I have). I have also installed PHP4. Now then I can load html files by simply typing localhost (that tells me that I have the directories set up right as I do not have to specify port :80 nor my index.html file) However this is where it gets weird. When trying to load a php file, the following occurs.

1)IE address bar - localhost
Loads my index.html fin e

2)IE address bar - http://localhost:80/index.php (w/ & w/o :80)
Prompts to download php file -Whaaaaaat?????????

3)IE address bar - c:\phptestarea\index.php
Loads the file in Zend Editor

Also no matter what I try I cannot get the apache welcome page up again. I have done so before but have not been able to since I decided to reinstall PHP4 (could this be complicating things)

I have scoured the net for tutorials and info regarding this which has helped me get to where I am now.
Oh yeah further more - If I drag and drop a php file from explorer to the browser, it loads fine (it loads the path to the file in the address bar i.e c:\phptestarea\index.php). However If I type the same path in, it then loads the php file up in Zend Editor. It's as though PHP is working but it is not associated with Apache properly or at all. It is associated with zend though as I can compile and view in browser from within.

Any help would be fantastic

Post your config file.

if it comes up with the download page then it means Apache has not been setup to parse PHP files.

Read through the Apache 2 - PHP install notes in the manual