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Japan Set to Enact Global Warming Pact (AP)

Museum Won't Clone Tasmanian Tiger (AP)

Johns Hopkins Scientists to Receive Honor (AP)

Science, Technology Honors Announced (AP)

Summary: Prairie Dog Damage (AP)

Group Decries Gas Development in Rockies (AP)

Unfolding Story of Warming Planet (AP)

Montreal to Host Climate Conference (AP)

Prairie Dogs Bane to Ranchers Existence (AP)

12,000-Year-Old Bones Found in Kansas (AP)

WWF Warns on Man-Made Arctic Toxins (AP)

NASA to Launch Balloons From Sweden (AP)

Study: Pollution May Affect Babies' Genes (AP)

Study: Lobsters Unlikely to Feel Pain (AP)

Clarification: Giant Sequoia (AP)

Mysterious Lobster Shell Disease Spreading (AP)

Device to Destroy Chem Weapons Modified (AP)

Human Fossils Dated to 195,000 Years (AP)

Cockroach Mating Summary Box (AP)

Calif. Elks Will Be Sent to Roam Free (AP)

Group Seeks Protection for Polar Bears (AP)

Archaeologists Find Ancient Pueblo Site (AP)

Monarch Butterflies on Decline in Mexico (AP)

Plans Progress on Earth Observation System (AP)

Lawmakers Question White House on NASA (AP)

Scientists Use 'Bird Breathalyzer' Tests (AP)

Rare Bird Sends Scores to Maryland Farm (AP)

Scientists Unveil Fossilized Crocodile (AP)

Researchers Identify Roach Mating Scent (AP)

Saliva Holds Promise for Drug Testing (AP)

Robo-Toddler Learns to Walk Like a Human (AP)

'Hello, I Must Be Going': Speeding Star Set to Escape Our Galaxy (

Britain Criticizes U.S. Climate Record (AP)

Black Hole Growth Self-Limiting, Simulation Shows (

Panel Examining Lejeune Water Study (AP)

NASA's Next Shuttle Crew Inspects Discovery Orbiter (

Researchers Make Gains on Stem Cell Lines (AP)

Teach Evolution: Leave No Child Behind (

Mexico Suspends Permits for U.S. Vessel (AP)

Total Tally of Shuttle Fleet Costs Exceed Initial Estimates (

Tsunami Uncovers Ancient City in India (AP)

The Life Story of Two Bright Stars (

Survey: NASA Safety Culture Improving (AP)

Carolyn Porco: Keeping an Eye in Saturn (

Agriculture Blamed for Brazil Violence (AP)

Is There Life on Mars? Looking for Rock Solid Evidence (

Saturn's Moon Titan a Frozen World (AP)

Whistling Helium: Supercold Sound May Lead to Better GPS in Submarines (

Sea of Ice Found on Mars, Scientists Say (AP)

Exclusive: NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars (

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