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Wal-Mart Colorado Unit Rejects Union (Reuters)

Janus Launches Two New Mutual Funds (AP)

Stocks Surge as Dow and S&P Hit '05 Highs (Reuters)

4th Quarter Growth Stronger Than Expected (AP)

U.S. Existing-Home Sales Fell in January (Reuters)

Clear Channel Posts Net Loss After Charge (Reuters)

Wal-Mart's Colorado Unit Rejects Union (Reuters)

Q4 GDP Revised Up on Stronger Exports (Reuters)

YUKOS Asks Court to Reconsider Dismissal (Reuters)

New Rule Eases The Shift To Roth IRA (Investor's Business Daily)

Japan Counts Down to Key Satellite Launch (Reuters)

Japan Launches Rocket After 2003 Failure (AP)

Relief as Japan Satellite Launch Succeeds (Reuters)

Summary: Japan Rockets Back Into Space (AP)

Japan Hopes Launch Revives Space Program (AP)

Japanese Rocket Places Satellite in Orbit (AP)

Island-Building Alters Gulf Environment (AP)

Rocket Success Puts Japan in Space Race (AP)

Utah Hippo May Find Love in Albuquerque (AP)

Summers' Remarks Supported by Some Experts (AP)

Ancient Earth Drawings Found in Peru (AP)

Japan Space Plan May Include Manned Moon Base -Paper (Reuters)

Space May Be Final Frontier for Chinese Tourists (Reuters)

Scientists Are Made, Not Born - Fed Economists (Reuters)

China Seen Opening Door Soon to Biotech Rice (Reuters)

Report: Japan Eyes Manned Base on Moon (AP)

Team Finds Best Preserved 26th Dynasty Egypt Mummy (Reuters)

Russian Ship Blasts Off for Space Station (AP)

Women Adopt Frozen Embryos, Save Them from Science (Reuters)

Russia Launches Supply Ship to Space Station (Reuters)

SpaceShipOne: Headed for Air and Space Museum (

Leaking Gravity May Explain Cosmic Puzzle (

Research May Help Fight Tiny Bee Pests (AP)

Japan Mulls Plan to Establish Lunar Base (AP)

Calif. Set to Name Stem Cell Chief (AP)

100 World Cities in Britain's Climate Rescue Drive (Reuters)

Correction: Thinking Differently Story (AP)

Natural Disasters on Coasts Concern NOAA (AP)

Natives Pan Plan to Open Alaska Area to Drilling (Reuters)

Italy, Ethiopia Ready for Obelisk's Return (AP)

Experts: Waste Should Stay at Old Sites (AP)

Arctic Ozone Loss Concerns Researchers (AP)

Unknown Force Triggers Star Formation (

Scrutinizing Saturn: Astronomers Get Best Views Ever (

Mystery Squid Helps Prove Ocean Research (AP)

College Students Examine Shuttle Debris (AP)

Manure Blamed for Killing Wisconsin Trout (AP)

Geologists Find Opal Deposit in Wyoming (AP)

Thais Fight to Save Rare Fossil Bed from Miners (Reuters)

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