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Modify built-in vbCode

Date Of Birth Restrictions....

top 5 newest members!!

Map list hack

'Show only threads containing new posts' option in threadlist/modifyoptions

Hack request?

Customize Request

Remove emails & URL administration hack

mass move closed threads

Reply with close/open option for mods/admins

Another vbQuiz Hack

any way to have a group as moderator

avatar categories

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Disable invisible mode for a certain usergroup?

How can I mimic this?

User's location in getinfo template

PM's levels per User Group ??

How many uses style + 1 more

Moderator drop down hack

Member gender?

[Request] Hide a Forum by users time

Custom Forum Depth

Default Avatar For Usergroup

Changing a users username?

Survey hack?

Forum Rules in which template or php file do I find...

PM Flash from homepage?

UserName and Login DIfferent ?

"Real" user stats hack

Hover over thread title and show some of post contents

Update to 2.2.7, do I need to do everything all over again?

Forumjump on homepage...

Request of instant messaging

Vistor forum hack ?

Very simple!

banned until completetion of a TOS quiz

Restricting Attachments to forumid 9...

add load times and hits to footer

Private Messages : Can send them even when PMs are turned off?

pm users who disabled it.

Post Limits Per Forum?

Member activity stats in getinfo

Post under a other username share hacks system

Moderator Log

Question about Linking Usernames

show weekly and monthly new member totals

Another request ;)

Auto Naming Smilies :)

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