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vBulletin 3.8 Modifications
Polls in Closed Threads

Miscellaneous Hacks - Show Thread-Ratings on Search

Mini Mods - GS - Delete Soft Deleted Visitor Messages Every 30 Days 1.0

Scrolling title template mod

Adding links into the navbar

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - AdminCP Top 10 Statistic

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Latest Thread in AdminCP

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Latest 10 PM Admin Index

most popular admin index

Mini Mods - Forum Archive List Forum Footer

Mini Mods - Remember me box auto ticked

Forum Home Enhancements - Latest MY Thread - Forum Home

Give us Advertisement on FORUMHOME and GLOBAL v2.1

Live Search Module for CMPS

GTP Badges for VBadvanced

~ Must have BBC Code Enhancements List ~

Notices Border Remover

New PM button in messagelist

Profile Enhancements - Customize Profile to header -- (navbar)

Profile Enhancements - Profile template - Clean and Simple

BB Code Enhancements - clipshare BBcode

How to change avatars' thumbnails diemensions in 3.7 & 3.8

Show Thread Enhancements - Show Social Bookmarks At Top Of Thread

Show Thread Enhancements - Show Tags At Top Of Thread

Add-On Releases - Video Directory Addon For vBSEO Google/Yahoo Sitemap

Board Optimization - KX - Loading Effect

Mini Mods - External Online Users Page

BB Code Enhancements - BBcode Image Resizer with CSS

Mini Mods - Custom Announcements

Forum Home Enhancements - Colored Username On Logout

Forum Home Enhancements - Mark Forums Read from New Posts page

Miscellaneous Hacks - Single Post on Anypage

Mini Mods - Donation Feature with vBExperience

Show Thread Enhancements - KX - Switch Postbit

Miscellaneous Hacks - vB Mod Update Checker 1.0.0

BB Code Enhancements - BB Code embed Videos from Google into posts.

Miscellaneous Hacks - View Forum Leaders Based On Usergroup Permissions

Miscellaneous Hacks - Prevent APNG for users that are not allowed to have GIF images

Statistics Modifications - Cyb - Top Post Reporters

Mini Mods - Members Ranks Icon on NAVBAR

BB Code Enhancements - [BB Code] MySpace Video Embed

Mini Mods - Add 'View All Groups' to Community dropdown on Navbar

BB Code Enhancements - Inline Hover Spoiler BB Code

Miscellaneous Hacks - Prefixes for reported Items

Private Messages Enhancements - SocialSpace New Notification Navbar Colour Changer

Show Thread Enhancements - SocialSpace Closed Thread Style Options

Portal Software - ShoppingAds Banner for vBadvanced

Private Messages Enhancements - Disable automatic citation in Private Message Quick Reply

BB Code Enhancements - Marquee Skin Text

Mini Mods - Username HTML Markup in Navbar

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