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vBulletin 4.x Modifications
Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Change Product ID

Mini Mods - Xbox LIVE Friendlist

Integration with vBulletin - Integrate vB Paid Subscriptions with Visichat

Mini Mods - Guests show 'Guest' in the forumhome whois online list

Add-On Releases - Analog clock on Forumhome

Board Optimization - Attachment Optimiser

Forum Display Enhancements - Sort Forumdisplay by First Post Date

Forum Home Enhancements - Forum Directory

Miscellaneous Hacks - Yilmaz - Günlük Gazete Manşetleri | Turkish Daily Newspaper headlines

BB Code Enhancements - BBcode Veoh player

Private Messages Enhancements - Code Alert existence of a private message in the Forum

Mini Mods - product [you] , Member of the illusion that his speech

BB Code Enhancements - Dalymotion Jukebox BBCode

Forum Display Enhancements - Users Browsing on Top

Mini Mods - Mirrorchecker Free File Host Link Checker - All VB4

Add-On Releases - Advanced Link vb4 Trade Area DriverAlemi

Miscellaneous Hacks - Cel Forum Leaders - show only primary usergroups on showgroups.php

Mini Mods - Unitconversion 1.1

Forum Home Enhancements - Add "Powered By vBulletin" Phrase to FORUMHOME

vBulletin CMS Widgets - Widget - Little Chess Partner

Profile Enhancements - Add "Find all threads started by user" back to profile page

Show Thread Enhancements - Donate Button in Threads + Posts - get deserved donations!

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Put [Add/Import Product] link in your admincp menu

Add-On Releases - Wimpex (Widget Import / Export)

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Add "Default Stylevars" to Styles & Templates Menu

Board Optimization - Z - Additional Header and Footer in Archive

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - vBCMS Article Reporting

Miscellaneous Hacks - restrict archive and print

Mini Mods - Safeweb & Site Advisor for Visitors

Mini Mods - Change Ads Position on Header

BB Code Enhancements - Guitar Chord BB Code

BB Code Enhancements - Move/Scroll BB Code

Forum Home Enhancements - Screen resolution Forum Home with blocks optimizing

Board Optimization - Z - Title Prefix/Suffix

Integration with vBulletin - vBulletin Shibboleth Authentication Plugin 1.0

Forum Display Enhancements - Sakera's Pagenav Improvement

Mini Mods - Disable Notices on CMS

Show Thread Enhancements - Z - Postbit Options

Forum Display Enhancements - Mark Thread as Read

Add-On Releases - NJAquaman - [CMS] Sub Nav Tabs

Profile Enhancements - Add link "Find all started threads" in the drop down user

Add-On Releases - Z - Home

Add-On Releases - NJAquaman - Custom Template Global Variables

Show Thread Enhancements - MegaUpload in your threads (Create, Edit, Reply)

Mini Mods - Youtube enabler for iPhone/iPod Touch in the CMS

Add-On Releases - leaves ads v1

Show Thread Enhancements - Add link "Ban User" in the drop down user (Quick Ban)

BB Code Enhancements - Goear BBcode Player

vBulletin CMS Widgets - eBay Search Box (Widget)

New Posting Features - Myspace Button in postbit