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vBulletin 3 Articles
Update vB options when adding a new setting

A quick view of your database with all the tables.

How to find a bad query

Alternating Colors

Checking if a number is either X, Y, or Z

How to run a query, using vBulletin code

How to include header/footer templates, etc.

vBulletin's functions list for syntax highlighting

Note/Tutorial: If you make a hack that uses a new file that regged members can access

Howto: Fast enable debug mode

Clear Hack Instructions : Help & File Template...

Think Security

About imap_open: to save people headaches

Update the "Who's Online" viewing location for new PHP files & Hacks

Easily prevent HTML injection

Learn Regular Expressions

Industry coding standards

Small Tutorial on GD Library [Freetype]

[Tip] - Quick and easy changing of default styles

The stuff after trailing slashes in regexps

vBulletin on your pc (Best and easy way)

[Tip] Five Things That Might Cause a Syntax Error

Global Errors

Use <?php, not <?

Tip: Locate Uncached Templates in your hack codes

How to Effectively Ban Users

[vB3] prevent removal of custom phrases, when uploading a language pack

Quickly upgrade your hacked vBulletin 3 without compare programs

All $DB_site functions

[Tips] Writing more secure hacks

[How-To]Using Array conditionals with $vboptions

[TIP] Use Clean vB Compliant Code //__\\ Use Proper Grammar, Spelling etc.

Setting up a Test board.

[tip] See what you have access to

[Tip] vB3 Admin Confusion

Mod_rewrite tutorial for vB3

single-click navgroup expand/collapse

prevent shouting lowercasing all Instead Of Doing This

[How-To] Deal with Hack-Translations (vBulletin 3.5 RC1 and up)

[HOW-TO] Easy way of finding executed hook locations

[How-To] Deal with User deletion/pruning and Username Changes

prefix url if store CSS as a file

Easy Plugin developement

[How-To] fetch_userinfo_query

[How-To] Read and understand PHP error messages

Integrate vB bbcode for Gamercard in vBulletin

How To Do Style Specific Plugins

[How-to] easy vB upgrade with *nix and shell

Create a Military-Style Rank Structure

BBCode for music (mp3/wma) , video (mpeg/avi)

privacy (GDPR)