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[RELEASE] SQL Query Script: Run SQL Queries in your MYSQL Database

Coding Programs for Mac

Using vbHome to create "static" pages

Beware the dark side of hacking

Remember that copyright notice

Make your own vBcodes (BB)

Installing Perl On A localhost.

Learning the vi Editor

Documentation is King

Note for vB 3.0.2 upgraders: re public poll speed display optimisation

Display number of posts in last 24 hours by forum

Display the average number of new registrations per day

HowTo: Add a section to the admincp nav

[Tutorial]View vb Source code in Notepad

vb3 Mod_rewrite tutorial

Merge into $show

Keep this in mind...

Boost replies to your Welcome forum

[Resource] BIG Sql Dumping

Short tips: Remove the method "save it wether you don't change anything"

last 48 hours search

Development Cycle

My little 1337 language pack

Gmail Account BB-Code.

[tip] Get used to the database schema

[tip] When making page layouts in Dreamweaver...

You do not need to hack your board to have a vB powered news script.

[tip] Remember that your FORUMS are your content

[Tip] Use replacements

Color Machine

Google Friendly ISAPI Rewrite for IIS (Archive Files)

[HOWTO] integrate into Opera quicksearch

How to configure Beyond Compare for .php files

Best plugin for Firefox and web developers...

The PHP wiki.

Using a hyperlink / button / image to join - leave a usergroup

Xbox Live Gamertag with BB Code

How-To Enable Random News Posts on vBAdvanced

HowTo: Add Adbrite ads to a sidebar

Load Averages Explained

SEO For Pagerank And Backlink

How to build a basic website.

Guide to StumbleUpon Traffic

How to Re-Enable Your AdSense Account

Backlink Basics

How to Write For the Web

Removing Odmarco and infections

[how to] create a testsite for offline uses

Alert and redirect mobile devices