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vBulletin 3.6
Administrative and Maintenance Tools - most popular admin index

Hide Contact Information From Guests

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Latest Admin Actions on Admin CP Index

Miscellaneous Hacks - Tic Tac Toe Game



Heavy Metal 6 [Admin CP], Dark Style

Glow Border for Avatar in Postbit

Combat 6 [Admin CP Style] (Dark Green)

Armor Piercing 6 [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Grey and Orange)

Crimson [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Black and Red)

Night Ops [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Black and yellow)

Burnt [Admin CP Style] (Brown)

Mini Mods - Add Announcement Button to Forumdisplay & Navbar

Mini Mods - Collapse Statusicons v2.0

vB Grey [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Grey)

VB Grey and red [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Grey and Red)

Classic Purple [Admin CP Style] (Purple)

Ranger Ops [Admin CP style] (Dark, Black and Red)

Night Vision [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Black and Green)

Show Thread Enhancements - XBOX360 Live Gamertag bbcode

Show Thread Enhancements - 'New Posts' Link Below Thread

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - vBulletin Resource

Use hyperlink in navbar to join a usergroup

Add-On Releases - vbshout 2.0 in specified forums only

Change the height to Categories

[BBCode] Impressions

Crystal Orange for 3.60 rc1

Box for Friens Sites

Attract Users to a Forum

Info Box - Adsense, Register, and Donations Box (Working Quick Reply)

Show Thread Enhancements - Thumbnail Font Color

Black Smart

Mini Mods - Sort Who's Online by Last Activity

Mini Mods - Can't rate own threads

Mini Mods - Require reason for reputation skins pack.

Add-On Releases - TryvBCode [AJAX]

stilbykus 3.6.0 beta1


Default PM Read Receipts

Blue/White Style (Classic vB2 version)

Blue/Black Style (Classic vB2 version)

Blue/Black Style (vB3 version)

Blue/White Style (vB3 version)

Da Bluz

New Posting Features - Disable Signatures for Selected Thread

Moderators Functions - Infraction Moderation

Golden Delight

Jedi Knights - Star wars