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vBulletin 2.x Full Releases
Always allow HTML for Admins (SMods / Mods)

Who voted what on polls - for admins

Restrict Deleting Users Hack

Change Usergroup Users banned by Moderators go into.

Export an AIM/MSN Buddy List!

[quick 2.0b2 hack] Specify global default style-set

[RELEASE vB2.02beta] Bargraph thread rating

[RELEASE vB2.0] User Selectable Post Order

[Release v2] PM on add user to buddy list

New User Mass Mover

[release vb2.0] Miniscule-hack: split & move thread to a new forum in one go

[Release Vb 2.x] Vb Code modification

[RELEASE vB2.0RC1] Copy Templateset

[RELEASE vb2.0] Smilies hack

[Release vb2.0] Mass-Prune Old Redirects

[Release vB2 RC2] Show usernames, not just userids, when mass emailing

Cont.: [RELEASE v2] Top Posters

Vb2.0 Viewing custom avatars

[release vB2.0] live counter hack

File Not Found

Multiple domain concept

Last Posted Hack

[Mini-RELEASE v2] Different headers with one style

Release v2.0.1: Simple hack: minimum posts to poll

[ Release v2.0.1 ] Avatar import from filesystem

[Release vB2.0] vB colors for non-vb page

MassMove Locked Topics

View Registered Users # On NON VB Pages.

[RELEASE v2] User Tracker

[RE-RELEASE custom avatars-as-files]

[Snippet] Default icon only for 1st message

[Release v2] Search selectable forums

[pre-release Auto IP/OS/IE Parse Hack]

[RELEASE v2] Top XX Posters

vb 2.02 : View templates inline (great for upgrades)

Registered Members on a non-vbb page

Total Posts on a non-vbb page

Total Threads on a non-vbb page

Make it only possible to include sigs when you start a thread

Addon To MSN Hack

ICQ Hack v0.02

[RELEASE V2] Phorum import php script

List of PHP files needing translation

Hide Admin(s) on Member List Hack

Avatar Posts Hack

Extract Old Custom Avatars Hack

[Release vb2.0.3] Stars Hack

Calendar: Numerous Days

Copy Template

[Beta Release] VB2 TranslateIT V1

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