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vBulletin 2.x Beta Releases
Thought I'd start things here...

100% integrated & controlled phpmychat

msn message

Moderate replies hack

Recursive replacement variables hack!

Allow avatars after a certain amount of posts AND days

Change UserGroupID automaticaly after specified time

Change Logo and On/Off Pics on Holidays!

Mini-Hack: Improved PM Popup JavaScript

[MiniHack] Suspended/pending monitor on AdminCP home

Add spanish characters/ or other language characters

My first one - the standards/cities of timezone display

top 5 attachment file in profile

Calendar & Private Event Reminder hack testing help!

[1st Hack] Points Add-on... richest member

Password Complexity Check

Advanced Mod CP

Custom User Status by Usergroup

Disable user's ability to change avatar or title.

customtitle in forumdisplay

The Itemshop v5 (original) PIN code addon

Sig maker

Alternating Rows for PMs and Threads

Moderator Replacement Set Editor

Attachments per Forum 2.0...

Moderator Style Editor

PM indicator

Styles displayed by day of the week (beta testing)

Add Last Activity/Seen to User Post Info

Flood and get banned beta

User Status Based On Posts & Time Registered

Update Post Counts Script

Country By IP

Latin --> Cyrillic (translit)

vBaffiliates - Allow Users to Add their Own Affiliate Links!!!

Force users to complete new required fields

vb/affero hack for reputations and donations

Skin Displayed Based on REFERER

File List/DB

Template Works

Email Obfuscation Hack

Rate-limit new posts/threads and private messages

Remove sig lines from Private Messages

'Clean' sessionhash, a 'backport' from vB 3

stripping URLs and email addresses from posts

Show UserAgent in Who`s Online

create styles / templates / replacements through Mod CP by usergroup

Invisible User Options

Adding Links to userCP Menu v1.0

Username Color 2