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vBulletin 3.0 Beta Releases
Jpilot Jirc Chat Integration (basic, but it works)...

Signature Mod v1.0 Beta 1

Signature Mod v1.0 Beta 2

[HTL] & [Normal] Newsblock on Forumhome

Forum in Focus

Fulltext boolean search for vB v.1.5

Show Expiration Date in Subscription Manager List

Add "Close & Move Thread" Thread Tool

Better IP Ban?

[HTL] and [Normal] Hide Poll Results

LinkMe Hack

Automatic Thread Redirect Removal

Random avator for a specific user

Show last post, post count, and thread count for private forums on forumhome

404 error ban

Mod to search for replies to your messages (uploaded)

Set mass moving / pruning of threads as a cronjob

Selected usergroups can see board when busy

Auto Resize Attachment Images...

[Not tested] vB-Cron invoked by server cron

Email notification of usergroup join requests

No New post in old thread

Min Post count to start a new thread

TheMusicMan - empty sponsor.php

Simple Forumhome/standalone news hack.

Old school (WebBBS-style) quoting

Auto Deleted Threads on a Per-Thread Basis

Attachment Statistics

referrals adding to rep power hack

Advanced Search (search by exact date range)

vBDownload Area

signature size checker

Forum Duplication Tool

Copy X Custom Templates From 1 Style To Other(s) But In Arabic

ibProArcade-vB - Points for Leaderboard Placings

Universal Clean up Cron Job

standard URL hyperlink opening in same window

Recurring Payment Hack for Paypal Donations for vBulletin 3.0.7

Force vB login when user logs into your custom auth system

Shoutbox Hack - 1.0 Gamma 1 (Outdated -> RC1 in Full Releases)

Multiple Signatures Hack.

phpMyChat Integration

Feeta vB Chat v1.0 (phpmychat mod) FIXED

Additional / Replacement FORUM HOME Page

Users in IRC for vB3 - with eggdrop. html access

New pm alert (a replacement for pm popup)

Threaded Forum Views

TalkerBot Hack v1

[RC3] Attachments per forum for vB3

Quick Sig Image Size Limiter

privacy (GDPR)