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vBulletin 3.0 Template Modifications
[RELEASE] Members Viewing Thread - JS Menu Version

[Release - RCx +] Move Whats going on OR Stat's to top of forum

[3.0.0 Gamma, RC1, RC2] Moderator Thread Tools/Admin Tools behavior change

[3.0.0 Gamma, RC1, RC2] Moderator Thread Tools/Admin Tools behavior change

[vB3:G][Tweak] Collapseble Display options

[Release - Gamma] Online/Offline Text Status

[Release - Gamma] PennylessZ28's Avatar In Navbar Mod

[Release] - [Gamma] Simple Side Panel for Forums

[release] - [Gamma] -Top Poster on ForumHome!

[Release] - [Gamma] - Hiding Some "Quick Links" From Guests

[Release]-[Gamma] User Notes in Username Drop Down in Postbit

vB3 - Custom Icon Per Forum

[Release] - [Gamma] - 2 language sets for vb3 gamma

Posts-Images on Top and Bottom and Spacing

User Options in USER Drop Down

nebby's postbit_legacy

[Release RC4] Forumbit Layout Selection

Awards/Cards Mod

Latest Thread in Category Mod

[How To] Alternating Postbits /w User on/off switch

Category strips

Remove Underline in Links

Smiley selection with scrollbars

Template Replacement: Centered Header

Display ALL smilies, with a scrollbar

Post Icon only on posting new thread

Linked forums appear as sponsors in subforums

Showthread readded

vB3 Magnifier - Your prescribed vB Lenses

Forum Info For Admins |Beta|

Default Avatar For Members Without

Post Follower

[HowTo] [3.0.0] Put the table "indexer" below each category.

Avatar Border to Match Scheme

[HowTo] Split the Guest Welcome Message from the Forums

better display thread rating on forumdisplay.php

Forumhome like this (see inside)

Make Logo an Option

phpinclude_start output box for administrators

New Thread Link on forumhome for vB3

More Organized Footer

Navdrop Forum Menu

[vB3.0.1] Add Ignore user option to 'vBMenu' DHTML Popup Menus

Remove HTML Markup from Postbit

My Posts link in Quick Links navbar menu

add quick links to forumbits forumhome (new thread/find new posts)

Thread Stats in Showthread

rel - show rep count in post and member list

Dating site memberlist

Latest News on FORUMHOME