Helpful Information
vBulletin 3.5 Template Modifications
Gadu-gadu ver. 1.0.1a

Remove "Permanent Delete" for all but Admins

Remove "Merge Posts" for all but Admins

Open Forum Links in a New Window

ForumLinks have an own tabel row.

Put Google AdSense in your forums

Respond To Rep

navigation vBadvanced Gallery at navbar

Extra bbcode in quickreply

Change The User Info Style

Auto Quote on Quick Reply

Image Upload System

Site Map on Navbar

Links with stars

Forum Statistics in table

Smilies in Quickreply

View Archive Version In Thread Tools

Forum Search Bar in Header Template

Quick Reply does not show in Closed Thread even for Moderators

View IP address inline

Hide ignored users' threads

Opacity change on mouseover buttons

Forum Search Bar in Navbar Template

Automatic Image Resizer

Custom Field Below Signature on Legacy Postbit

Extra menu for 'New Posts' link in navbar

Move the "Calendar Jump" drop down box

Remove last post info from everywhere, including search

Show No Permission Message If User Cannot View Others Threads In A Forum

View Your own posts

Languge Chose Navbar

Useful information in paypal mail

add quick links to forumbits forumhome (new thread/fin

Hide Log Out Button From Banned Users - Template change only

For "Save Search Preferences", store all attributes EXCEPT 'search type'.

'Hide' member's Homepage URL

Users can turn off the Forumbanner

[vB 3.5.x] Scrolling Menu

Hover Links and Image Effect

Disabling The "I Agree" Checkbox Until A Specified Amount Time Has Elapsed

mouseover in pagenav

Change new reply 'title' to 'readonly'

vB advanced forumlinks

Make 'Referrer' field in registration UNeditable if from 'referrerid' in URL

User Note Info in Postbit

NewPost on forumhome!

Hide Upload Profile Pic From PC Option

"Return to [Forum]" link at bottom of thread

vb 2.3.x Style PM, Profile, Search and Buddy buttons in Postbit_Legacy

Rounded top right hand corner