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vBulletin 3.6 Template Modifications
Hide Contact Information From Guests

Glow Border for Avatar in Postbit

Mini Mods - Add Announcement Button to Forumdisplay & Navbar

Mini Mods - Collapse Statusicons v2.0

Show Thread Enhancements - 'New Posts' Link Below Thread

Use hyperlink in navbar to join a usergroup

Change the height to Categories

[BBCode] Impressions

Box for Friens Sites

Attract Users to a Forum

Info Box - Adsense, Register, and Donations Box (Working Quick Reply)

Memberlist Consolidation Suite

Forum Display Enhancements - Thread Preview only on Thread Title Hover

Ads under special forumid on forumhome

Add "View My Profile" To USERCP

Username color on forumhome (as based on usergroup markup)

Alternative Ranking look

Global links in every user's signature

Submission button for - digg style site for forums

Add member to IGNORE list in Postbit dropdown

Reputation Displayed as Numbers

Register to view all text

Big window when editing template (by default)

ebux rules

Search Engine search Term Highlighter

Deleted/Moderated Posts/Threads Manager - Show more than 4 per page

Custom favicon per forum

warrning ur user from some bad attachments

Force Guests To Use One Style

AdSense With NavBar Modification

Removing arrows from dropdown menu links

Mini Mods - VB Image Hosting BBCode Align Image Tags

Show sub-Forums only for certain forums

Refine this search and pasteable search URL pseudo-features

BBcode Search specific site with Google

LiveLeak Video Embedding code.

Admin & Mod CP Quick Links

Snap! External link previews in one code edit

Default Referrer

Mini Mods - Signed Posts (Nick names addon)

Embed YouTube in Profile - Member_info mod

Forum Rules/Site Rules

Simple Modification: Hide your name in the Forum Leaders.

User Options in Postbit

BBcode "Title" (frame presentation)

Minimalistic Announcement Threadbit

Yahoo Messenger Postbit Link Button

Scr - Shadow Category Name

User Home Button On Postbit

Install subelafoto (up load you picture)

privacy (GDPR)