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WHAT IS UP WITH THESE SQL ERRORS someone explain what this means...

Missing table?

i just installed a new forum and...

htaccess in place, now how to... ?

Calling to getpagenav()

help please

Importing Unix mbox format

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mysql error number: 1064

Image in category bar justified right?

how do I

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current users displayed on non vbulletin page

upgraded: Now forums SLOOOOW:

How do I seperate my forum sections?

SQL error

SQL Error

custom sort of the memberlist

Number problem? PHP

What is wrong with this code?

default value in register.php

Run a query

Moderation Message

Sub-Forums Hack Available?

Black Links

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Online/Offline status

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Please Help! - Drastic error, but there appears to be nothing wrong...


Help me find this hack.....

Number format

What is the best Chat?

Strip vbbcode

Any idea how to code this: Enter name of forum in textbox and press "go" to jump!

how do i force a certain thread to stay at the top?

Avatar hack?

Adding a new field in the users profile

I need a PHP and MySQL guru who knows vBulletin.

where can i get the file attachment addon?

anyone have the avatar hack?