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Update vB options when adding a new setting

A quick view of your database with all the tables.

DOīs and DONīTs

How to find a bad query

Alternating Colors

Checking if a number is either X, Y, or Z

How to run a query, using vBulletin code

Setting smilie alignment in posts

How to include header/footer templates, etc.

[RELEASE] SQL Query Script: Run SQL Queries in your MYSQL Database

vBulletin's functions list for syntax highlighting

Note/Tutorial: If you make a hack that uses a new file that regged members can access

Howto: Fast enable debug mode

Coding Programs for Mac

Clear Hack Instructions : Help & File Template...

Think Security

Using vbHome to create "static" pages

About imap_open: to save people headaches

Beware the dark side of hacking

Update the "Who's Online" viewing location for new PHP files & Hacks

Easily prevent HTML injection

Learn Regular Expressions

Industry coding standards

INSERT INTO database

Remember that copyright notice

Make your own vBcodes (BB)

Small Tutorial on GD Library [Freetype]

[Tip] - Quick and easy changing of default styles

The stuff after trailing slashes in regexps

vBulletin on your pc (Best and easy way)

HTML comments

Installing Perl On A localhost.

[Tip] Five Things That Might Cause a Syntax Error

Global Errors

Use <?php, not <?

Tip: Locate Uncached Templates in your hack codes

How to Effectively Ban Users

Learning the vi Editor

Documentation is King

[vB3] prevent removal of custom phrases, when uploading a language pack

Get direct link to post

Simple tip for boards with many styles

Note for vB 3.0.2 upgraders: re public poll speed display optimisation

Quickly upgrade your hacked vBulletin 3 without compare programs

How To Switch Post Icons in Each Styleset

Collapse Tables by Default

Display number of posts in last 24 hours by forum

Display the average number of new registrations per day

All $DB_site functions

HowTo: Add a section to the admincp nav

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