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vBulletin 3.0
User Notes upon Banning Actions

Star Hack 1.0

[Fixed] phpMyChat Integration

[HTL] & [Normal] Setting Varname Next to the Setting Title.

SigmaChat user integration

[HTL] & [Normal] Newest Member's First Post!

Jpilot Jirc Chat Integration (basic, but it works)...

[3.0.0 Beta7] Load a http:// page IN the admincp/

Signature Mod v1.0 Beta 1

Signature Mod v1.0 Beta 2

How to add a new phrase in one click when in admin cp (for those lazy ones among you)

[DISABLE] - vB Code

Mini-Hack: Remove Search IP Addresses Option from Mod CP

Show sign only one time per thread page

[VERY MINI HACK] - Make user editor one column

Only Show A Specific Users Posts In A Thread

Only Show Posts With Attachments On Showthread

"Mark Forum Read" goes back to forum home

Non-English Member List

Debug-mode in Admin-CP and for super admins only

[HTL] & [Normal] Yesterday/Today Timestamps - User Option

[HTL] & [Normal] The Ultimate User Option Date Format Hack

[HTL] & [TXT] Number of Today's Birthdays on Forum Home

[HTL] & [Normal] Newsblock on Forumhome

Add Homepage Field to Registration

Advanced Search w/Member Conditions

Disable Negative Reputation (completely)

Forum in Focus

Fulltext boolean search for vB v.1.5

Show Expiration Date in Subscription Manager List

Affiliate Block for Vbindex

Larger textareas when viewing moderation queue

Adding a table for including news or anything else

Redirection when changing your forums-folder

Add "unban" link in ModCP on Banned Users

Custom Template Adder Script

Add "Close & Move Thread" Thread Tool

Faster IP banning

Truncate Looooooooooooong Usernames on ForumHome

AdminCp & ModCp Access From Anywhere

Enhanced printthread v.1.1

Better IP Ban?

[HTL] and [Normal] Hide Poll Results

Ignore maxresults in "Search by username"

'Paste' Button in Template Editor

Events in weekly view

Limit Break for Users

Debug variable in URL

Admin Text Hack Vb3

Thread Counter & Display

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