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vBulletin 3.7 Template Modifications
Miscellaneous Hacks - How Many Members Registerd Today!

Mini Mods - Xbox Live Gamercard in Header

Profile Enhancements - Hide Contactinfo Block from the Guests

Profile Enhancements - Arcade and Photoplog Links in Profile

End-User Options - Add a link to tags.php in footer (help SE find your tags)

Forum Home Enhancements - Private Message Notification!

Show Thread Enhancements - Only show Social Bookmarking links in certain forums.

Profile Enhancements - Avatar Position

Forum Home Enhancements - Advert v1 (Forumhome)

Forum Home Enhancements - Global Announcement v1 (Forumhome)

Profile Enhancements - Avatar Position 2

New Posting Features - Post Greeting

Miscellaneous Hacks - Emulate IE7 on IE8

Forum Home Enhancements - Forum LastPost Threads Post under all Categories.

Miscellaneous Hacks - Widget in MEMBERINFO Template

Miscellaneous Hacks - WoWRoster (SigGen) Default Signature

Mini Mods - Replace Avatar with Joke picture for April Fools Day

Forum Home Enhancements - Latest Loot on ForumHome (EQDKP/EQDKP Plus)

New Posting Features - Change Number of Post Icon Columns on New thread / Post Reply

Show Thread Enhancements - Profile on the Thread Title

Show Thread Enhancements - place 'tags' input field above message area

BB Code Enhancements - LeetTube BB Code

Profile Enhancements - simcard picture in postbit

BB Code Enhancements - WeGame BB Code

BB Code Enhancements - BB Code

BB Code Enhancements - MegaVideo BBCode

Forum Home Enhancements - album in navbar

Profile Enhancements - Ads Inside members profile

Forum Display Enhancements - playlist on forumhome

Show Thread Enhancements - Link to user albums in postbit

BB Code Enhancements - Photobucket Slide show

BB Code Enhancements - Adsense in your signature

Show Thread Enhancements - New Posts link between next / previous thread links

Mini Mods - Compact Bookmarks Box

Forum Home Enhancements - Ranking Code

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Quickly Moderate user in postbit

Show Thread Enhancements - Megaupload above quickreply in box

BB Code Enhancements - Dailymotion BBCode

Miscellaneous Hacks - Notice Border Remove

Mini Mods - Click to view signature

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - AdminCP link on navbar

Show Thread Enhancements - New Posts Button

Forum Home Enhancements - fix png transparency

BB Code Enhancements - Vimeo BBCode

Mini Mods - Well Placed Go-To-Top Link

BB Code Enhancements - BBCode

Forum Display Enhancements - Better Forum & Thread Description Display

Miscellaneous Hacks - Show a rotating banner ad for specific user id's

Integration with vBulletin - Integrate Addthisto Into Your Site - API

BB Code Enhancements - Add search engine to WYSIWYG

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