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vBulletin 5.x Modifications
Private Messages Enhancements - Mark Notification as Read/Unread

Miscellaneous Hacks - Hide the Header

Miscellaneous Hacks - Navbar Clock

Miscellaneous Hacks - Back To Top Button

Moderators Functions - Move Threads to Recycle Bin

Forum Display Enhancements - Alphabetical Filtering

Miscellaneous Hacks - Advanced Poll Options

Mini Mods - Translator by Google

BB Code Enhancements - change CODE and PHP tags design

BB Code Enhancements - Change quotation design

BB Code Enhancements - Google, Yahoo and Live Search

BB Code Enhancements - Classic button Spoiler

Mini Mods - share to facebook, twitter & google+

Add-On Releases - Simple Image Upload

Mini Mods - Add the time the page was generated at back!

Miscellaneous Hacks - Forum Collapse using JQuery

vBulletin Forum Sideblocks - vBSocial LifeStream Widget- Grab all feeds into one

Mini Mods - iOS Icons for the Device Home Page

Miscellaneous Hacks - IE11 browser detection and fixes

Mini Mods - Add Safari smart banners

Major Additions - Social Network -v.9.2 vB5 Mods (Ajax)

Mini Mods - vBulletin 5 AdminCP CSS "Updated"

Mini Mods - image thumbnails for the list of attachments

BB Code Enhancements - Soundcloud BBCode (This one is working)

Mini Mods - Cute PostMan Notification Mod

Add-On Releases - Mid Post Advertisements (middle of the post)

vBulletin Forum Sideblocks - CSS3 Firefox Button

Mini Mods - Custom logout redirection (CLEAR)

Mini Mods - [bridge2heyday] - Automatically Add a Copyright Notice To Copied Text

BB Code Enhancements - MP3 Player BBCode

Anti-Spam Options - Boom TICK CAPTCHA Widget

Add-On Releases - vBPoker

Miscellaneous Hacks - Main Top Login/User Bar moved to Bottom

Integration with vBulletin - Integration

Forum Home Enhancements - [KB] Lastpost Info Enhancement

Mini Mods - Rotating Banners

Miscellaneous Hacks - Change Content Slider Interval

Forum Display Enhancements - Website Translator Integrator

Forum Home Enhancements - Product Development Skeleton

New Posting Features - [] Quote Selected Text

Show Thread Enhancements - [] Add Custom Profile Fields in Postbit

Show Thread Enhancements - [] Display Status Update in Postbit

Miscellaneous Hacks - [] Quick fix for guests having no access to the reset-password page

Mini Mods - Simple Age Restriction for Forums

Mini Mods - Embedded Stock chart

Show Thread Enhancements - New Topic/Sub-Topic Online Effect Glow

BB Code Enhancements - Rainbow BBCode

Miscellaneous Hacks - User Drop Down Icons + Message drop down icons (CSS only) - vb5.2.5

Calendar Enhancements - [] Event Date That Rocks using CSS

Forum Display Enhancements - Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread - Lite-Version