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vBulletin 3.8 Template Modifications
Scrolling title template mod

Adding links into the navbar

GTP Badges for VBadvanced

Notices Border Remover

New PM button in messagelist

Profile Enhancements - Customize Profile to header -- (navbar)

Profile Enhancements - Profile template - Clean and Simple

BB Code Enhancements - clipshare BBcode

Show Thread Enhancements - Show Social Bookmarks At Top Of Thread

Show Thread Enhancements - Show Tags At Top Of Thread

Forum Home Enhancements - Colored Username On Logout

Forum Home Enhancements - Mark Forums Read from New Posts page

Mini Mods - Donation Feature with vBExperience

Mini Mods - Members Ranks Icon on NAVBAR

Mini Mods - Add 'View All Groups' to Community dropdown on Navbar

BB Code Enhancements - Inline Hover Spoiler BB Code

Portal Software - ShoppingAds Banner for vBadvanced

Mini Mods - Username HTML Markup in Navbar

Forum Home Enhancements - Remove guest welcome / first visit message

Forum Home Enhancements - Usergroup Color Table Legend

BB Code Enhancements - Admin/Mod BB Codes

BB Code Enhancements - MyVideo BBCode

Miscellaneous Hacks - JavaScript: Copyright Year Generation

Forum Display Enhancements - Remove mouseover thread preview for guests

Forum Home Enhancements - UKBL ~ Advertising iFrame on Forum Home

End-User Options - UKBL ~ Ebay Feedback Badge ~ Clickable

BB Code Enhancements - WorldStarHipHop BB Code

New Posting Features - Alts in color picker for the colorblind

Mini Mods - GamerDNA Social Mod

Show Thread Enhancements - bookmark button in Postbit (works on all vb versions)

Major Additions - [nrmsŪ] - Simple Redirect Animation

Moderators Functions - add posts no. to Users Awaiting Moderation List

Mini Mods - Your Menu

Forum Display Enhancements - Change new posts link color

Forum Home Enhancements - Show Description Of Subforums When Hovering Over On Forumhome

Forum Home Enhancements - Usergroup Legend

Add-On Releases - Add default avatar picture on ministats block

Forum Display Enhancements - Remove dropdown Menu Icon from all styles

Mini Mods - [AG] Style Chooser in Navbar

vBulletin Blog - UKBL ~ Homeland Security Terror Alert Monitor

Miscellaneous Hacks - Disable Post Count Decrease

Mini Mods - Postbit Popup Menu - Add Admin/Mod Options

Miscellaneous Hacks - Bookmarks in one button (like Addthis)

Mini Mods - Link to Photo Albums on Profile Popup

Administrative and Maintenance Tools - [phd] -- Mod / Admin CP Browser

Integration with vBulletin - Displaying the latest posts from a thread in an external page for reviews/news

Mini Mods - Show XboxLive Gamertag In Postbit

Mini Mods - YouTube Subscribe in Postbit

Forum Home Enhancements - Dashed - Forum Home Dashed Notices (Visually Appealing!)

Miscellaneous Hacks - Non-Adsense Google site & web search for your navbar!