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vBulletin 4 Articles
[HOW TO - vB4] Making stuff right-to-left (RTL) compatible - example: images

Managing a development area

Use Different Image Types for Status Icons

[How-TO vB 4] Don't show duplicate smilies in quickreply and new thread list

Restore working vbCMS Comments on vB 4.0.4

[VB4] Use a Varible in a template WITHOUT registering it!

Move Facebook Connect

Modification Of UserGroups

Delay reindexing as necessary to control server load

Adjust CMS widget column width

Adding Icons to postbit next to ICQ AIM etc

Small Fix For 4.1.3 Custom Template For Compatibility With 4.1.4

how to set default font on vbulletin 4.1.4 (new editor)

[HOW TO - vB4] Customize the look of your modifications options page in adminCP

Usersgroups Legend For Each Style

Adding HTML5 color picker to your product settings

Change Title of Podcast

Awesome free fonts for your forum [TypeKit]

Improve entire VB site with CloudFlare

Missing Style Chooser In vB4 Styles

[HOW TO - vB4] Change content.php (Suite)

Add PHP to your Templates (Trick)

[vB4] Add new Tab at User's Profile and make it preselected

[HOW TO - vB4] Time based OTP for ACP

First Look at vBulletin 4 Template Variables

First Look at vBulletin 4 Template Tags

vBulletin 4 Template Syntax: General

[HOW TO - vB4] Making Boxes Collapsible

vBulletin 4 Template Syntax: Links

[HOW TO - vB4] Paginating Results

[HOW TO - vB4] Create a New Tab in the navbar

How 2 Guide - Backups, Upgrades, and Recovery!

[HOW TO - vB4] Rendering templates and registering variables - a short guide

[HOW TO - vB4] Create your own vBulletin page

How 2 Guide - Impex a Failed 4.0 Upgrade (w/o Backup) into a Fresh 4.0 install

[HOW TO - vB4] Create a New Tab in the navbar (with template)

[HOW TO - vB4] How to Add Drop Down Navigation Items to the Navbar

[HOW TO - vB4] Two column forum/sub-forum setup via CSS only

[HOW TO] Add WYSIWYG Editor to Your Modifications

[HOW TO - VB4] Adding Stylesheets to Your vB4 Mod via Plugins

vB4 Hook Locations

[HOW TO - vB4] Create a own vBulletin page (without plugin and php file)

[HOW TO - vB4 CMS] AdminCP add 2 options for the Section Manager

vB4 Template Conditionals List

[HOW TO - vB4] How add sub-menu drop down to the navbar (tab Forum)

NAVTAB Combo Drop-Menu with Sub-Items

[vB4] Unfinished Settings - fix to work

Adding user options in usercp for mod's [Not in the manual]

[HOW TO - vB4] Stylebridge vB3.8 -> vB 4.0

[vb4] Adding a stylevar

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