Helpful Information
vBulletin 4.x Template Modifications
Mini Mods - Xbox LIVE Friendlist

Add-On Releases - Analog clock on Forumhome

Private Messages Enhancements - Code Alert existence of a private message in the Forum

Forum Display Enhancements - Users Browsing on Top

Forum Home Enhancements - Add "Powered By vBulletin" Phrase to FORUMHOME

Profile Enhancements - Add "Find all threads started by user" back to profile page

Show Thread Enhancements - Donate Button in Threads + Posts - get deserved donations!

Mini Mods - Safeweb & Site Advisor for Visitors

Mini Mods - Change Ads Position on Header

Mini Mods - Disable Notices on CMS

Profile Enhancements - Add link "Find all started threads" in the drop down user

Show Thread Enhancements - MegaUpload in your threads (Create, Edit, Reply)

Mini Mods - Youtube enabler for iPhone/iPod Touch in the CMS

Add-On Releases - leaves ads v1

Show Thread Enhancements - Add link "Ban User" in the drop down user (Quick Ban)

New Posting Features - Myspace Button in postbit

Mini Mods - Simple remove dotted line

Mini Mods - Hide some access in modcp

Mini Mods - Special Menu Block! [vB-turko style]

Profile Enhancements - Ranks Groups colors

Mini Mods - Show usertitle and usergroup in postbit!

Mini Mods - Block Menu Part 2 [vB-Turko Style]

Mini Mods - Show usergroup title in online list!

Mini Mods - Change Header Link to CMPS

Mini Mods - Memberinfo [vertical] recent visitors + usergroup title!

Major Additions - advanced Forum Icons in vb4.0.1 (version2) by yaghoub

Mini Mods - YBMF - My Threads link on My Profile

Mini Mods - YBMF-Hotlink Image protection

vBulletin Blog - how to put an "Edit Button" in the article blog next to "Report Button"

Mini Mods - Facebook Share Above Butons (Pospit Legacy)

Mini Mods - Anonym downloader bbcode

BB Code Enhancements - TW7S - Command BB Code

vBulletin Forum Sideblocks - SideBlock: Imageshack Uploader

Mini Mods - Click to view signature ver 1.0 for vB 4.x

Mini Mods - Social Icons Navbar (or anywhere you want them)

Miscellaneous Hacks - Widget/General Search Template Modification - Recent Posts

Miscellaneous Hacks - Timebased Header Image

Mini Mods - Nice Floating Panic button with javascript

Show Thread Enhancements - New Posts Button

Mini Mods - Share your banner with other sites

Profile Enhancements - Total posts on the first page to profile

Mini Mods - Time below the avatar

New Posting Features - New thread under the title tag

Show Thread Enhancements - TW7S - Remove Spacers From Post Footer Controls

Miscellaneous Hacks - TW7S - Notifications Alert - Easier To See [v2]

Show Thread Enhancements - Threadstarter icon to Threadstarters posts

Mini Mods - FUN Welcome for referrer

Show Thread Enhancements - Twitter Widget - Thread topics addin

Show Thread Enhancements - Signature only on first post (VB4)

Mini Mods - Modcp & Admincp In Postbit Button