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how to disable the link on the navbar?

cp- cannot start

Former PT version

it should be this option:

Assigned Users function. What is this?

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Dont want to sound dumb, but what is this open source version?

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Overwrite files

[solved] Help for an idea. Project for vB language translations

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Failed opening required 'includes/class_reportitem_pt

Thanks! - and Suggestion(s)

Sphinx: does not index words consisting from national symbols


suggestion : thread to issue !!!

how to make that??

Assignable Members

suggestion: feature rating system

Translation issue

Manage Subscriptions - Design Issue with vB 4.0.3

Thanks for PT! Will make a nice CRM in time

design issue if title have more than 50 chars

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HTML Allowed

Suggestion: Support ticket tool

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vBulletin Project Tools Team

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