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Implementation to send variables through the url (with javascript) like PHP $_GET.

Ajax Loaded Content w/scripts requiring onload events - Principles and Practices

Writing a javascript array using a batch file

JavaScript Closures: A tool for creating re-usable scripts

FAQs about this category (only Senior Members can post)

Some reasons to not use FrontPage

Unique file() function -- PHP

Flash Tutorial Part 1.. the preloader.

Test your new site without changing your browser settings!

Nesting IE Conditional Comments

Simplified Ajax Loaded Content w/scripts requiring onload events

Emulating a terminal-like caret with javascript and css.

Custom BB code function in PHP

Flash Tutorial Part 2: The Interface - Top


Dynamic external '.js' scripts and '.css' stylesheets with PHP

How to fix IE 6 transparent png problem

xBrowser Fading Images

Currying in JS

FAQ - For HTML, PHP, and so on.

Flash Tutorial Part 3: The Context Menu

Fireworks Tutorial

Making PHP Templates

Navigator Object

Shorten your PHP Code, and make it easy.

Creating Image validation for Forms

Online JavaScript Beautifier

Creating a (linear) gradient page background

Comment your code

Include a dynamically created object

Common code errors

Including script source as well as executing embedded script

IETester - IE Webpage Test Tool

IE8 beta2 and CSS/ JavaScript compatibility quick fix

"return" tutorial (per se)

Javascript Objects and Classes

Quick Flash

Glossy Black Interface Style Menubar

Coding the Glossy Black Interface Style Menubar

JavaScript Namespacing

Passing data from one HTML-page to another as a technique for menu-includes

Client Side Include without loss of external scripts

Why you cannot protect your source code and files

Alternative to AJAX

Pretty URLs with basic mod_rewrite and powerful options in PHP

Segmented Includes/Updates, plus an Ajax-replacement

PHP Tut: Objects within Classes

Making AJAX Applications Crawlable using PHP and jQuery.

Concise PHP Form Validation

Including external content: standard iframe, hidden iframe or Ajax?

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