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I rule!

moving target algorithm needed.

Directory polling?

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weighting algorithm

efficient way to find only the closest objects

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displaying 10 rows in each page and creates a new form if it exceeds that page

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x , y coordinates

re Drive Letter

Latent Semantic Analysis

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Selecting row where column value true.

a question in <<introduction to algorithms>>

Characters of an md5 string.

Retrieve a Folder -or- Directory Size

fuzzy logic algorithm

Written number (two, thirteen) to binary (10, 10101)

if problem

Pages that don't exist

Tournaments / Leagues

3d bin packing

de-interlacing algorithm required

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"virtual intelligence!"

Division Algorithm

Online-sites about algorithms and optimization?

how to retreive data that associated to USER login

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maximum cardinality&weight matching

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really basic question

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